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The Egyptian Textiles  Center is a center specialized in the field of textile industries. The center is headed by Dr. Shehata Semida, who spent more than 50 years serving the textile community, as he held the position of head of sectors and former director general of the  Egyptian textile Chamber, and the former director general of economic and technical research and studies at the Federation of Egyptian Industries. And he currently holds the presidency of the Egyptian textile Center

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Shehata Semida holds a doctorate degree in international marketing for textile industries from Ain Shams University in Cairo - and a master's degree in environmental sciences with an applied study on textile industries. He also obtained diplomas of studies in economic development from the Faculty of Commerce, Al-Azhar University, as well as a Bachelor of Laws from Faculty of Law - Cairo University, in addition to many academic degrees. His Excellency also received training courses abroad in both the Netherlands and the United States of America.Center activities:

The center starts its activities in the field of import and export services and commercial agencies, and one of the activities of the center is to publish the Egyptian textile magazine, which covers all aspects of this ancient industry from news - reports - statistics - studies and research - export opportunities - news of exhibitions, conferences and international events.

1- Textile industries guide (spinning and weaving - fabrics - dyeing and printing - fabrics and knitting garments) 532 pages

2- Textile industries guide (furniture - cloths - carpets - mattresses - blankets - chemicals and dyes - machines and spare parts) 548 pages

3- Ready-made clothes guide 2020 (children clothes - men’s clothes - women's casual clothes - home clothes - soiree and wedding clothes - lingerie - veiled clothes - jeans clothes - sports and beachwear - uniforms - socks - ties - knitwear) Number of pages 500 pages

4- In cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, an electronic guide for Egyptian textile industries was also issued About the magazine:


The Egyptian Textile Journal is a magazine specialized in the field of textile industries and the various processes and stages it includes such as cotton ginning, spinning, dyeing, printing, processing, knitting, ready-made clothes, furnishings and lintels, whether from cotton or other textile materials such as wool and polyester. The magazine is issued in both Arabic languages, and it is also distributed internally and externally. To many Arab and European countries, businessmen organizations and many decision-makers.

The journal’s board chairman is Dr. Shehata Semida, and its editor-in-chief is Prof. Abdel Hamid Al-Arqsousi, a journalist and great author who has held many positions such as the editor-in-chief of the Financial Management Journal, Kalimat al-Shaab Newspaper, and the Journal of Economics and Accounting, and has many important writings, and the scientific supervisor of the magazine is Prof. Dr. Ali Ali Habeesh, Professor At the National Research Center, the former president of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and currently the head of the National Campaign for the Advancement of Textile IndustriesSuccess Partners :

A group of researchers and scientists participated with us in this success

Prof. Ali Hobeish

Dr.. On maki

Prof. Amira Zahir

Prof. Dr. Karima Hajjaj

Dr. Mohamed Ramadan

Dr. Mahmoud Morsi