Online Cotton Exporter`s Guide Launched


Online Cotton Exporter`s Guide Launched


            On 21 Jan.2010, The International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva launched a trilingual version of its cotton exporter>s guide. The guide is now available in English, French and Spanish. The main objective of the new version is to boost the exchange of information in the cotton sector and to improve the skills and abilities of cotton trading and marketing in the developing countries.


Ms. Patricia R. Francis, ITC`s Executive Director, points out that the aim of the new version as she says : Our aim is to reach out to cotton stakeholders around the world and stimulate cotton trade, especially in the poorest African countries.


On his behalf, Matthias Knappe, ITCs Programme Manager for Cotton, Textiles and Clothing, stresses that  the completion of the on-line version of the Cotton Exporters Guide is an important step in further enhancing ITC capacity-building activities in cotton trading and marketing,.


This guide provides a comprehensive opportunity for users to update their information on world cotton production, consumption, trade, supply and demand. The guide offers also a unique chance to share views, discussion and experience through its Forum.